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Mark Kitchell

Roles: Director, Producer

Mark Kitchell is best known for Berkeley in the Sixties, which won the Audience Award at the 1990 Sundance Film Festival, was nominated for an Academy Award, and won other top honors. The film has become a well-loved classic, one of the defining documentaries about the protest movements that shook America during the 1960s. In the twenty years since that film he has worked in non-fiction television, made films for hire, taught at UC Santa Cruz, done freelance production and developed A Fierce Green Fire. He went to NYU film school, where he made The Godfather Comes to Sixth St., a cinema verite look at his neighborhood caught up in filming The Godfather II – for which he received another (student) Academy Award nomination.

Festival Year: Array


Evolution of Organic

(US, 2017, 86min)

Fierce Green Fire, A: The Battle for a Living Planet

(US, 2012, 110min)