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Kompin Kemgumnird

Roles: Director

Kompin Kemgumnird was born in Thailand and he has been working in the animation industry for more than 16 years.

Kompin studied at Silpakorn University in Visual Communication Design majoring in Decorative Arts. During the time he studied in Silpakorn, he had been given opportunities to experiment with different animations. After his graduation, he concentrated working on computer graphics. He later decided to further his studies of animation and went to well-known California Institute of the Arts, reputed as the best college in the field.

He has worked on numerous high-profile projects in the US, including stints at Walt Disney Studios and Blue Sky Studios where he was an animator on Atlantis, Tarzan and Ice Age.

In 2002, he returned to Thailand to direct Kantana’s groundbreaking feature animation Khan Kluay featuring royal elephants. He also collaborated with Kantana on his first animation series, Zon 100%. With a team of young-blooded animators, he has brought world-class animation to Thailand. Khan Kluay broke box office record in Thailand for a local animation and its character have become household names that are beloved by children and adult alike.

Festival Year: Array


Adventure Planet

(TH, 2012, 79min)