Kiyoko Kashiwagi

Sifu Kiyoko Kashiwagi is a certified teacher of William C.C. Chen Tai Chi Chuan. She was born and raised in Japan. She began practicing Tai Chi Chuan when she was 15. She earned a certificate for Tai Chi Chuan 24 Movements in Japan, and after moving to New York, she started studying traditional Yang style Tai Chi Chuan with Grandmaster William Chi-Cheng Chen. With him, she practices Tai Chi Chuan Long Form 132 movements, Short Form 60 movements, Cheng Man-Ching 37 Form, Tai Chi Sword Form 64 movements, and Pushing hands. She also practices Tai Chi Cloudy Fan and Tai Chi Qigong 18 movements with Sifu Luis Molera. She is also a certified Qigong practitioner, and an accomplished dancer/choreographer.