Festival Year: 2017

Jamie McIntyre

Roles: Special Guest

Reporter, Washington Examiner.

Jamie McIntyre joined the Washington Examiner in April of 2016, as Senior Writer, Defense and National Security.  His newsletter, “Jamie McIntyre’s Daily on Defense” goes out each weekday morning to thousands of national security professional and opinion leaders.  An internationally known journalist, with more than 40 years experience, McIntyre served as CNN’s Military Affairs and Senior Pentagon Correspondent from 1992-2008, and Al Jazeera America’s National Security correspondent from 2014-2016. McIntyre began his career in radio in 1976 at WTOP, the all-news station in Washington, and also was a newscaster for NPR’s flagship news program “All Things Considered” from 2011-2014.

McIntyre holds a B.S. in Broadcasting from the University of Florida, and a M.A. in Journalism from the University of Maryland, where he also serves as an adjunct instructor.

Festival Year: 2017


As Pentagon Overhauls Nuclear Triad

(US, 2016, 10min)

Nuclear Winter

(US, 2016, 12min)