Festival Year: 2018

Imraan Ismail

Roles: Writer, Director

Imraan Ismail is a writer, director, and visual artist who creates stories for the soul. His films have been shown in film festivals around the world including at Tribeca, Sundance and Cannes. He has directed and/or shot more VR/360 projects for clients like The United Nations, The New York Times, U2, Samsung, Conservation International, Ardbeg Scotch Whiskey and others. He was recently awarded The Cannes Lions Entertainment Grand Prix, The AICP Most Next Award, The World Press Photo Award for interactive storytelling, and was nominated for two Emmys for a VR film he made in conjunction with the New York Times, entitled The Displaced— a film that was shot in the war zones of Syria, Ukraine and South Sudan, that has received the widest known release for a VR/360 film.

Festival Year: 2018


The Protectors

(US, 2017, 10min)