Tony Huston

Tony Huston is John Huston’s eldest child, the grandson of Walter Huston, brother of Anjelica, and father of Jack, the latest member of the Huston family to become a star on Boardwalk Empire, the HBO series produced by Martin Scorsese. Tony himself worked in a number of different capacities in the film business before becoming an assistant director and screenwriter.  His greatest success was The Dead, an adaptation of the short story by James Joyce, for which he was nominated for an Academy Award.  It was also the last picture his father directed.

For nearly fifty years Tony has been a passionate falconer.  He learnt falconry in  Ireland, where the Huston family had a home for eighteen years.  Subsequently he flew his hawks at partridge in Norfolk, England, and red grouse on the Scottish moors before moving to Taos, New Mexico fifteen years ago where he started duck hawking and making pilgrimages across the American west, camping in the wilderness and pulling his Airstream trailer from the Mexican to the Canadian border.