Ben Henretig

As a storyteller and artist, Ben is committed to amplifying the best of humanity by capturing powerful stories that expand our notion of what is possible.

For the last decade, Ben has been fascinated by the intersection of democratizing technologies & humanities creative potential, developing a storytelling framework & training system that has enabled dozens of filmmakers around the world to craft more than 2,000 films aimed at advancing human values.  He regularly speaks and conducts workshops on storytelling at venues such as SXSW, Stanford, the Esalen Institute & TEDx.

As a Director, Ben been humbled to be able to capture everyday heroes in the slums of Haiti, India, and South Africa, as well as icons & visionaries like Imogen Heap, Dalai Llama & the Prime Minister of Bhutan, all with the same intention –  to unearth authentic and inspiring stories that transform our lives and the world.