Amanda Hawes

Amanda Hawes has been an advocate for safe jobs and healthy families for more than 40 years. Co-founder of SCCOSH (Santa Clara Center for Occupational Safety and Health) in 1977, and Past President of the Board of Worksafe (a California based occupational Safety and Health advocacy organization), Ms. Hawes’ focus has been the health impacts on workers and their offspring caused by chemical exposure in the High tech/electronics manufacturing industry, both in the US and in the many countries to which the industry has expanded.

While fighting for health protective exposure standards, effective controls to minimize exposures and long-standing efforts to phase out of reproductive toxicants, she has also held electronics companies accountable in court when their failures to inform and to protect their own workers have caused cancers and other chronic diseases in workers and/or devastating birth defects in their offspring. She has successfully litigated many cases for electronics workers, helping them and their families to recover compensation for their illnesses caused by their work. She is a graduate of Wellesley College and Harvard Law School.