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Judith Dwan Hallet

Roles: Special Guest

Judith Dwan Hallet, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, has been making films for nearly 50 years. She was a former Peace Corps volunteer in Tunisia.  Moving to Salt Lake City, she became a producer at the NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City. In 1986 Judy moved to Washington, D.C. where she became Senior Producer for National Geographic’s Television series, EXPLORER. It was at this time that she produced and directed an hour documentary on The Life and Legend of Jane Goodall.

It was the first in-depth documentary on her life.  In 1991, Judy formed her own company, Judith Dwan Hallet Productions. Since then she has produced and directed sixteen documentaries.

Judy’s documentaries have received widespread acclaim as well as many prestigious awards including the DC Mayor’s Arts Award for Excellence in an Artistic Discipline and The Woman of Vision Creative Excellence Award from Women in Film and Video.  Judy also received an Emmy from the local chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in recognition of her contributions to the industry. Judy earned a BA from Sarah Lawrence College and an MA from the University of Utah following a year of graduate studies in UCLA’s School in Motion Pictures.  

Over her career, Judy has produced films in seventeen countries around the world on subjects as diverse as an obscure tribe living in tree houses in the rainforest of New Guinea, to nomads in Afghanistan, gauchos in Argentina, to a biography on Pope John Paul II and the return of the buffalo to American Indian reservations.

Festival Year: Array



(US, 2014, 68min)