Festival Year: Array

Joanna Grabski

Roles: Director, Producer

Joanna Grabski is a professor of art history and visual culture at Denison University. Her research and teaching focus on artists, creative expression, and visual life in urban Africa, especially in Dakar, Senegal and Brazzaville, Congo. Joanna’s essays have appeared in journals and edited collections published in the USA, Europe, and Africa. She directed and produced the documentary film, Market Imaginary (2012), following several years of ethnographic work on Dakar’s sprawling Colobane market, famous as a crossroads for second hand clothing, shoes, and electronics. The film explores the market and its neighborhood from the “inside out.“ It highlights the creative economy of second chances for people, objects, and the urban environment as well as the possibilities for transforming seemingly used objects sustainably and creatively.

Festival Year: Array


Market Imaginary

(US, 2012, 54min)