Festival Year: 2017

Walker Golder

Roles: Special Guest

Golder is a native North Carolinian who has devoted his career to the protection of all birds, and particularly coastal birds, in the state of North Carolina and across the Atlantic Flyway. His many accomplishments include the establishment of a coastal sanctuary system that protects 35 percent of North Carolina’s breeding shorebirds.  With Audubon partners, he led the team that discovered the Bahamas wintering grounds of the largest population of Piping Plovers on record.  Published in many journals, Mr. Golder’s scientific research contribution to the understanding of coastal bird species, and the development of state and federal plans to protect threatened and endangered species, spans his 25-year career with Audubon.

Festival Year: 2017


Seabird’s Story, A

(US, 2017, 3min)

Mapping Migration

(US, 2016, 4min)

Surviving the Wild

(US, 2017, 7min)

Birds of May

(US, 2016, 28min)