Festival Year: 2017

Paula Goldberg

Roles: Special Guest

Paula joined the staff in February 2014 after five years on the Board of Directors.  After several decades as a health care provider in the world of human medicine, she enjoys applying her medical skills and expertise to advance urban wildlife rehabilitation.  Sharing the wonders of the natural world and working with vulnerable animal populations are very important to Paula, who also volunteers at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History and pursues natural history field studies and educational programming on her own locally and in New England. Paula and her husband Jeff Goldberg have three grown children and a house full of pets.

Festival Year: 2017


Seabird’s Story, A

(US, 2017, 3min)

Mapping Migration

(US, 2016, 4min)

Surviving the Wild

(US, 2017, 7min)

Birds of May

(US, 2016, 28min)