Festival Year: 2024

Giorgio Ghiotto

Roles: Director

Giorgio Ghiotto is a gold medal Student Academy Award winner documentary filmmaker. He has consistently embarked on a quest to discover the most practical and impactful methods of benefiting others through the medium of documentaries. He believes that films can serve as a powerful tool for creating awareness and preserving the natural world. Giorgio is committed to values like inclusivity and freedom of speech and has a strong focus on the importance of recognizing the agency of documentary participants.

He holds an MA in journalism and documentary from New York University and is passionate about telling compelling stories, particularly in the areas of human rights and environmental justice. Giorgio also served as the editor and director of photography for Wings of Dust and has prior cinematography experience in commercial work with brands like Mercedes Benz in Italy and with the UN.


2024 Program(s):

AWARD SHORTS: Wings of Dust + Eric Moe Award Finalists


Festival Year: 2024