Festival Year: 2017

Bruce G. Peterjohn

Roles: Special Guest

As Chief of the USGS Bird Banding Laboratory (BBL), I administer a program that coordinates bird banding activities across the US and its Territories. This program supports the activities of approximately 1,750 Master bird banders and more than 5,000 subpermittees. In addition to issuing bird banding permits and bird bands, the BBL maintains databases for all birds banded in the US and Canada. These databases currently house approximately 65 million banding records and 4.5 million records of banded birds that have been reported by the public.

Festival Year: 2017


Seabird’s Story, A

(US, 2017, 3min)

Mapping Migration

(US, 2016, 4min)

Surviving the Wild

(US, 2017, 7min)

Birds of May

(US, 2016, 28min)