Nico Edwards

Roles: Director, Producer

A mostly self taught director/dp/editor jack of all filmmaker from a small town in Northern California. He’s done projects for commercial clients, NGO’s, public television and documentaries. He seeks to tell compelling character driven stories of people living creative and alternative lifestyles and broaden people’s perceptions about life’s possibilities.
Filmmaking has given Nico a varied career, from shooting commercials in Argentina to filming for the Rolex Cup in San Francisco Bay. The variety, fast pace and excitement are what drives him and compelled him to seek further experiences aboard S.Y. Infinity in the Southern Ocean.
His biggest inspirations for film have been the directors Warner Herzog, Terrance Mallick and Eric Herheim. Making Sea Gypsies; The Far Side of the World allowed Nico to emulate some of the cinematic styles of Mallick, story approach of Hertzog and overall nonconformity of Werheim, hopefully adding to his favorite genre, documentary, in the process.



Sea Gypsies

(US, 2016, 79min)