Festival Year: 2016

Sarah duPont

Roles: Director

Sarah duPont is the President and Founder of the Amazon Aid Foundation. A vocal advocate of ecological preservation, Sarah works with neo-tropical scientists to study Amazonian biodiversity with an eye toward educating the public and introducing cutting-edge conservation practices and on the ground solutions to the region. Sarah is a producer of the film Amazon Gold, the award-winning documentary about illegal alluvial gold mining in the Amazon basin. Amazon Gold was produced to educate students with a focus on developing supportive school curriculum that creates awareness of the importance of the Amazon rainforest and the global effects caused by it’s destruction. With an extensive network of scientists, environmentalists, policymakers and experts in various fields, Sarah is helping to form a collaborative alliance to tackle the serious issue of illegal alluvial goldmining, which now is the biggest release of mercury in the world.

Festival Year: 2016


River of Gold

(US, 2016, 66min)

Amazon Gold

(US, 2011, 53min)

Mercury Uprising

(US, 2015, 11min)

Anthem for the Amazon

(US, 2015, 15min)