Martin Dohrn

Martin Dohrn is Founder and Director of the Award Winning production company, Ammonite Films. A keen naturalist all of his life, from a child he was particularly fascinated with collecting and studying butterflies. To avoid killing the beautiful specimens, he turned to capturing their beauty, not with a net, but through his photography. At age 11 Martin owned his first camera, which he promptly dismantled and cut up in order to determine how it worked; he has not looked back since. Today, Martin still turns his hand at camerawork but his roles also extends to Director, Executive Producer, and writer.

Martin has produced specialist landmark natural history television programmes for over 20 years. During this time he has collaborated with Terra Mater, Discovery, Earth Touch, the BBC, and National Geographic, to name only a few. Over the years Martin has won several awards, including an ‘Emmy’ for Cinematography’ on the film Great Migrations, and multiple awards for Ammonite’s innovative children’s series Smalltalk Diaries. Leading the field in natural history low-light filming and macro, Martin and his team at Ammonite have painstakingly crafted these game changing filming techniques to gain insight into the natural world. With a range of world-renowned tech including the Colour Starlight Camera and Frankencam, Ammonite can deliver 4K, colour footage from some of the darkest locations on Earth.