Festival Year: 2016

Aria Doe

Roles: Subject, Special Guest

Aria, along with her husband, founded a non-profit corporation called The Action Center for Education and Community Development Inc. Their divisions are tri-fold. 1. (Community) They provide services for at risk kids and their families both Nationally (Queens) and in 2010 Internationally (Africa). The services cover the gamut from Educational, Health related, Economic Development and Empowerment for both children and adults. 2. (Education) They provide after-school programming for at risk US students.These services include providing non-traditional opportunities such as fencing, languages, bag-piping, band, tap, college prep 3. (Families) They provide family management, homework for parents assistance, job services, aerobics, health management, toddler learning centers, fatherhood programs, and alternative family services.

Festival Year: 2016


How to Let Go of the World

(US, 2016, 127min)