Festival Year: 2024

Camilo de Castro

Roles: Director, Producer

Camilo is an award-winning investigative journalist based in Nicaragua. During his 8-year tenure with Esta Semana (This Week) – Nicaragua’s most popular news magazine show – he produced more than 180 pieces about political, economic, and environmental issues. In 2008, he received the Pedro Joaquin Chamorro Prize — Nicaragua’s most prestigious journalism award — for the hard-hitting exposé “Emergency in the Forest,” a one-hour documentary about illegal logging in Nicaragua.

In 2010, he received the prize a second time for an in-depth investigation about corruption in Nicaragua’s Supreme Electoral Council. In September of 2014, Camilo presented a talk at TEDxManagua entitled “Bosawas is Life,” which helped advance the dialogue surrounding the challenges facing the Bosawas Reserve. He also founded Misión Bosawas, a citizen movement which raised awareness about indigenous rights and the conservation of Nicaragua´s most important primary forests. He was co-producer on the 2014 documentary “Songs from Bosawas,” helping it become the longest running box office success in the history of documentary filmmaking in Nicaragua.


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Festival Year: 2024