Festival Year: 2015

Alice Day

Roles: Director, Producer

Alice Day is a member of the Environmental Film Festival’s Advisory Council. She has produced and directed films such as Ecosystems, War and Climate Change (2015) and Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives (2008) with her husband, Lincoln Day. She is currently a board member of Council for a Livable World, a non-profit organization against nuclear weapons in the United States, as well as a member of the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation. She has previously served as the Chair of the Woman’s National Democratic Club’s Task Force on Environment and Natural Resources (Washington).

Before moving to Washington, Alice Day was most recently a Hofstee Fellow at The Hague (1994) and the Director of an Australian federal government projected entitled Successful Ageing, A.C.T. (1990-93).

Best known of the more than 30 books, professional articles, book chapters, and reports that she has written are: Remarkable Survivors — Insights into Successful Aging among Women (1991), ‘We Can Manage’–Expectations about Care and Varieties of Family Support among Persons 75 Years of Age and Over (1985), and (with Lincoln H. Day) Too Many Americans (1964).

Festival Year: 2015


Environmental Pathways to Peace Building

(US, 2015, 6min)

Ecosystems, War and Climate Change

(US, 2015, 4min)