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Kristin Davis

Roles: Producer

An active philanthropist, Kristin Davis has had the honor of dedicating her time and efforts to serving as a Patron to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and a Global Ambassador to Oxfam International.

Davis joined the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in 2009, after she traveled to Kenya to go on safari, but instead found herself trekking into the wilderness to save an orphaned baby elephant.  After receiving Kristin’s call, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust transported the baby elephant to their nursery.  Thus began Davis’ relationship with and devotion to the Trust.  Kristin is dedicated to the Trust’s mission: to give these orphans a chance to heal, thrive and eventually be introduced back into the wild and to protect their habitat and ecosystem for everyone.   She is also dedicated to inspiring change and creating awareness to stop the illegal poaching for ivory, before elephants become extinct in the wild, something that will happen in a mere 10 years unless we all act now to change things.

Davis has been a supporter for Oxfam since 2004, and took on the honor of Global Ambassador in 2006. She has spoken at the United Nations in an effort to eradicate poverty and fight for social justice. Kristin travels with Oxfam extensively, speaking about the projects she has seen in Africa and Haiti. Visiting local communities and gaining a better understanding of gender issues and poverty, as well as how environmental issues affect the people and their surroundings.

Best known in her professional career for her award winning role as Charlotte in “Sex and the City,” Davis most recently completed a run on Broadway in the play The Best Man, up next she can be seen in the new CBS show “Bad Teacher”.

Festival Year: Array


Gardeners of Eden

(KE, 2014, 70min)