Festival Year: 2012, 2014


Alexandra Cousteau

Roles: Director, Special Guest

A National Geographic Emerging Explorer, filmmaker and globally recognized advocate on water issues, Alexandra Cousteau continues the work of her renowned grandfather Jacques-Yves Cousteau and her father Philippe Cousteau, Sr. In 2010, Cousteau led Expedition Blue Planet: North America, a five-month exploration touring more than 14,500 miles across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico to uncover critical water issues and host watershed action days.

Alexandra Cousteau works closely with Oceana as a Senior Advisor to help propel their important work on oceans to an ever larger audience through expeditions, events and advocacy.  She also sits on the Advisory Council for the Pacific Institute, a global water think tank that provides science-based thought leadership with active outreach to influence local, national, and international efforts in developing sustainable water policies.

Festival Year: 2012, 2014


Shooting in the Wild

(US, 2013, 26min)

Expedition Blue Planet – Age of Limits: 21st Century Water Management

(US, 2011, 7min)

Expedition Blue Planet – Death of a River: The Colorado River Delta

(US, 2011, 9min)

Expedition Blue Planet – Headwaters: Shaped by Demand

(US, 2010, 8min)

Expedition Blue Planet – Anacostia River: In the Shadow of the Capitol

(US, 2011, 6min)