Festival Year: 2016

Cyrille Cornu

Roles: Director, Producer

Cyrille was born at Bourges, France in 1968. He has been researching ecological issues for over ten years, studying tropical dry forests and using satellite images to characterize their biodiversity, degree of deforestation and the impacts of climate change. His work has led him to travel to many countries. For the last seven years he has focused on the baobabs of Madagascar and has become one of the world’s leading specialists. Each year he organizes unique expeditions that use local traditional transport to access the heart of isolated forests that are home to the baobabs. The island of Madagascar is a great source of inspiration for filmmakers and photographers. It is unique in many ways. Its biodiversity and landscapes are exceptional, and the social diversity is remarkable. Cyrille has been a keen photographer for many years but with Baobabs between Land and Sea, his first documentary film, he has evolved to another level. The desire to share his adventures is at the heart of his approach to filming, sharing his travels through nature and encounters with the people living in wild regions. The story of his first film is intimately related to traveling. Content and form change to the rhythm of different encounters and discoveries placing the viewer at the very heart of the voyage.

Festival Year: 2016


Baobabs Between Land and Sea

(FR, 2015, 56min)