Sebastian Copeland

As an award-winning photographer, author, lecturer, and environmental activist, Sebastian Copeland has made the fight for the protection of the environment his life’s work, in a way few have imagined. In 2009, Sebastian, a board member and tireless advocate for Global Green, traveled the Arctic with expedition partner Keith Heger on a journey to reach the North Pole, in hopes of raising awareness to climate change and its effects on the Arctic. The outcome of this voyage is the riveting documentary Into the Cold: A Journey of the Soul, that delves into the depth of the soul against the backdrop of the magnificent Great North, and exposes one poignant message: if the Great North goes, so does humanity. A graduate of UCLA Film School and the son of highly successful artists (his father is classical conductor Jean-Claude Casadesus, Director of the Lille National Philharmonic Orchestra), Sebastian—a British/French national relocated to NY and began his career directing music videos followed by commercials. Sebastian currently lives in Los Angeles.