Jose Cohen

José Cohen is the founder and Executive Producer of Cactus Film & Video, the Mexico City-based production house that recently launched H2Omx.  José started in the news business over 20 years ago and his experience as a journalist for international media in Latin America and the Caribbean quickly drew him into the world of documentary production.  Over the years José has worked on a variety of long format productions for major international channels, including ABC, BBC, CBC, HBO, PBS, Al Jazeera, Discovery Channel, National Geographic and History Channel.  His recent television documentary productions include: Tropic of Cancer presented by Simon Reeve (BBC); The War on Drugs (BBC); and May 5: A day of Glory (Discovery Channel).  José has also been the Executive Producer for several independent documentaries, starting with Papalotzin which follows the migratory flight of the Monarch butterfly from Canada to Mexico from an ultralight; and Life on the Line, a story about migrants which won the Jury Prize at the 2008 Al Jazeera International Film Festival.  This year José and the Cactus team are proud to present H2Omx: a film about the challenge of maintaining Mexico City’s water supply into the future.