Christian Jensen

Roles: Director

Christian entered the media profession as a journalist – a passion that lead to work as a documentary filmmaker.  Early in his career he worked on a variety of non-fiction productions including ones for National Geographic Film & Television, PBS FRONTLINE and American Experience.  He also worked on a film at a remote leprosy (i.e. Hansen’s Disease) colony on Kalaupapa, Hawaii.  While studying media arts as an undergraduate at Brigham Young University, Christian wrote and directed a broadcast-length documentary called Sou da Bahia [I’m from Bahia] about art and Afro-Brazilian identity in Northeastern Brazil.  He co-curated a multiple medium art exhibit by the same name to accompany the film’s premier throughout the U.S. and Latin America.

Having lived or worked in Brazil, China, and India Christian is interested in films that explore stories in newly industrialized nations. He is also fascinated by topics of spirituality, science, technology and their collision with modern society.  He has worked in a variety of production roles over the years but his most recent professional work has been as a non-fiction editor and producer for television and web outlets.  Christian has shot and directed several documentary shorts over the past two years at Stanford University where he recently completed his graduate studies in the MFA Program in Documentary Film & Video.


White Earth

(US, 2014, 20min)