Festival Year: 2016

Claire Christian

Roles: Special Guest

Claire Christian is the Acting Executive Director of the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition (ASOC). She has worked for ASOC since 2009 and has developed substantial expertise on the full range of issues relevant to the Antarctic environment. In addition to writing numerous papers for international governance meetings on subjects ranging from vessel regulations to ocean acidification, she is a regular contributor to publications and blogs relevant to Antarctica and often speaks to audiences on Antarctica’s environmental challenges. She aims to educate and inspire people and policymakers around the world to protect the Antarctic continent and its surrounding ocean as some of the world’s last great wilderness areas. In her work with ASOC, she develops policy and strategy related to many of the issues that impact the Antarctic environment, including tourism, fisheries, and climate change. She engages with a wide variety of Antarctic stakeholders, from government officials to research scientists.

Claire received an M.A. in International Affairs at American University, School of International Service in May 2008. She previously worked as Program Assistant at the National Council for Science and the Environment in Washington, DC.

Festival Year: 2016


License to Krill

(FR, GB, 2015, 87min)