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Guy and Anita Chaumette

Roles: Director, Producer

Movie Producers, Marine Experts, Explorers, Environmentalists, Educators, Authors and Speakers on oceanography & marine protection, Guy and Anita Chaumette are the globally renowned, multi award-winning Filmmaker pioneers behind Liquid Motion Film.

For over 20 years, Guy & Anita have lived on remote island archipelagos in the most far flung corners of the planet, diving, filming, making movies, and becoming one of the most successful husband and wife teams in the industry and unique, creative influences in underwater filmmaking today.

The couple both produce, direct, research, craft and edit their films, which take several years to produce. During this time, they work closely with Scientists and spend months, sometimes years on location, returning to the same underwater spot. Their ability to get to know their subjects by observing them over long periods has come to distinguish them from other Filmmakers, who, working on tight budgets, don’t have the luxury of time. It’s difficult as a filmmaker to find a new subject, but as Guy & Anita become intimately involved with a reef, they see things many others have missed. This led to their recent, globally acclaimed ‘Water Colors’ series and pioneering discoveries about fluorescence, color and marine animal communication.

Liquid Motions inspirational films have garnered over 100 international awards and they have received numerous honors and accolades for their work in television and on behalf of the sea.

In their spare time, the entrepreneurial couple directs underwater photo shoots and corporate film assignments, are instrumental in marine conservation and environmental education, and are founding directors of a private Photo & Film Academy, operating from their Caribbean island base.

Festival Year: Array


City Under the Sea

(MX, 2015, 60min)