Ignacio Chapela

Chapela discussed SYMPHONY OF SOIL at the 2014 EFF.

Ignacio Chapela is a Professor of Microbial Ecology at the University of California, Berkeley. He is also a Senior Researcher at Genøk, the National Center for Biosafety, Norway. He has worked as a biologist in various capcities with a large range of institutions including: indigenous communities in Latin America, public education and public research institutions (in Mexico, Wales, the US, Norway, costa Rica and Venezuela), private industry (in Switzerland), public policy national and multinational bodies (UNDP, Panamerican Health Organization, World Bank), and multiple foundations and think-tanks. In ecology, he is committed to the synecological approach to story-telling, just as he is committed to the local approach to ecological policy-making. How to perform synecological research on microbes has been his life-long occupation.