Festival Year: 2017

Greg Carr

Roles: Panelist

Greg Carr was born and raised in Idaho Falls, Idaho, a small town in the Rocky Mountains of the western United States, the youngest of seven children. He has always loved the outdoors, what it has to teach him and how it makes me feel. He now spends more than five months of every year in Mozambique.

In 2004 Greg was invited by the Government of Mozambique to join with them in the management of their national treasure: Gorongosa National Park.  In 2008, after a three-year period of preparation, they signed a 20-year contract to collaborate.

Greg works with a dedicated team of Mozambicans and international people using conservation biology to restore and protect the Gorongosa ecosystem. They hope to attract many tourists to the Park not only because this magical place will thrill visitors but also because their presence and activity will create much-needed economic activity in central Mozambique.

Festival Year: 2017


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