Carlos Carcas

Currently based on Planet Earth, Carcas has always kept one eye on fact and the other on myth. As a director, D.O.P. and editor, his documentaries are the constant search to make these two worlds come together. He has collaborated on projects such as the critically acclaimed Latin Jazz documentary Calle 54 and Bebo & Cigala – Blanco y Negro, the black and white live performance which was awarded the Latin Grammy for best long-format video in 2006. His first feature documentary, Old Man Bebo, was the result of seven years’ work and won the prize for best new documentary filmmaker at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival. His feature documentary How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr. Foster?, about the life and work of architect Norman Foster, premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 2010. The film was also awarded the TCM Audience Award for best European film at the 2010 San Sebastian Film Festival and was nominated in 2011 by the Spanish Academy for best documentary. He is currently documenting the construction of a major building project in Silicon Valley.