Festival Year: 2023

Otto Brockway

Roles: Director

Otto’s career began assisting on music videos at Virgin Records with artists such as David Bowie, Eurythmics and Iggy Pop. He then moved into post-production working on sound design and special effects at Bray Studios in Windsor, before being headhunted and apprenticed by the well-known director and producer, Steve Barron, renowned for his mega-budget Hollywood productions. It was during these years that Otto’s interest in documentaries really began to take shape, seeing the genre as an honest means of communication and capable of changing public perception. Otto, known for creating multi-million view viral videos, went on to set up his own studio, Broxstar Productions, with his brother, Ludo.

Festival Year: 2023


Eating Our Way to Extinction

(GB, 2021, 81min)
Director: Ludo Brockway