Brady Pinero Walkinshaw

Brady Piñero Walkinshaw is the Chief Executive Officer of Seattle-based Grist (, a leading national media organization on issues of environment, justice, and sustainability, reaching more than 2 million people and syndicating content through over 20 major national publications. Since joining Grist in 2017, Brady has led Grist toward a new strategy focused on making the story of a better world so irresistible, you want it right now. Through an award-winning Editorial program that explores solutions, exposes injustice, and emboldens readers to act, and a newly launched Networks program that fosters an unlikely network of leaders building a sustainable future that works for everyone, Grist is shining its “beacon in the smog” toward a better tomorrow. Brady is a former State Legislator in Washington State, championing housing, environment, criminal justice, and mental health reforms. In 2016, Brady ran for U.S. Congress endorsed by groups from The Seattle Times to local columnist Dan Savage, who described him as “gutsy and effective.” Brady managed the publication of a 2016 special edition of Foreign Affairs launched at Davos authored by Kofi Annan, Sam Dryden, and Sir Gordon Conway on the future of African food systems and technology supported by the Gates family office. Prior to the Legislature, Brady spent five years at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Brady is a Fulbright Scholar and a graduate of Princeton University, where he served on the Board of Trustees. Brady has served on many local and national Boards including the Progress Alliance, Latino Victory Project, United Way of King County, the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, and previously chaired the Washington State advisory group for the Trust for Public Land.