Festival Year: 2018

Sean Bogle

Roles: Director

As the director of Wild Lens’ Eyes on Conservation series, Sean works closely with partner organizations to develop a production plan, and oversees each step of the filmmaking process from pre-production to distribution. Additionally, Sean has directed a number of the short films in our EOC series, including The Maasai Giraffe, The Forgotten Migration and all the films highlighting the work of The Marine Mammal Center. In addition to being a part of the Wild Lens team, Sean actively works with a wide variety of wildlife species as both a biologist and photographer/videographer, including the Hawaiian Monk Seal, Stellar sea lions, Northern elephant seals, Northern Fur Seals, Pacific fishers, black bears, and the elusive Ivory-billed woodpecker. He received his BFA in Sculpture and Cinematography from Stephen F. Austin State University.

Festival Year: 2018


Souls of the Vermilion Sea

(US, 2017, 29min)