Festival Year: 2017, 2016


Bridget Besaw

Roles: Director, Producer

Bridget is the founder of Seedlight Pictures, where she produces advocacy film for environmental stories. Prior to filmmaking Bridget was an editorial photographer for Smithsonian, Newsweek, Time, Forbes, and Fortune among others. Bridget has produced numerous short films for global environmental organizations on stories of resource depletion and sustainability. Her films Growing Local and Seeding a Dream won several audience choice awards as well as a Finalist for the DCEFF Eric Moe Sustainability Award. Her latest short films include Guided and The Nature of Maps, both in 2017 festivals. Bridget was selected to be a 2016 CIFF Points North Fellow for her current film in production, The Mountain and The Magic City, a feature documentary that explores the effects of globalization and American class divisions through the lens of a long-standing battle over a national park in Maine.

Festival Year: 2017, 2016


Nature of Maps, The

(US, 2017, 10min)


(US, 2016, 18min)

Seeding a Dream

(US, 2014, 15min)