Mary Baumer

Roles: Special Guest

Mary is known as Mary Baumer or Mark’s Mom. Mary Baumer was first and foremost, Mark Baumer’s mom. She misses him every day (yeah). Losing Mark turned her life upside-down. But life does go on, even if it will never be the same as it was prior to Mark’s death. Mary works a full time job for an amazing family owned office supply company. She is a sales rep. Mary started doing triathlons in 2010. She ended up doing half marathons and half ironmans with Mark supporting her along the way. In little league and through college baseball Mary supported Mark. Then when his Mom started doing triathlons and Half ironmans Mark was there supporting his Mom. Mary and Mark planned on doing a marathon together in 2017 after Mark completed his Barefoot Walk Across America. Mary loves the ocean and looking for ways to remember Mark and honor his own commitment to Earth. She encourages people to pick up 3 or more pieces of trash while visiting the ocean. What would Mark Do? Mary is the co founder along with her husband Jim of the nonprofit The Mark Baumer Sustainability Fund. It exists to fund important community projects that raise awareness about the environment, promote social justice, as well as involving under-served populations directly in renewing their communities. We want to do good in Mark’s name. Check out our website. Enjoy the documentary.