Festival Year: 2012

Demetrius Bagley

Roles: Producer

Demetrius organizes and leads New York City Vegan EatUP, one of Meetup.com’s Biggest 100 groups, promoting vegan community and cuisine. EatUP’s history spans over eight years, 380+ events and more than 1,500 members. He actively works on NYC’s Veggie Pride Parades, the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival and Sustainable Leadership Council NYC. He godfathered Veggie Conquest, an amateur vegan cooking competition akin to Iron Chef, plus produced the politically and financially successful New York League of Humane Voters’ Gala 2009. He received the Committee for Effective Leadership’s 2010 Award, plus New York State, New York City and US Senate accolades.

Festival Year: 2012



(US, 2010, 75min)