Festival Year: 2016

Jerry Aronson

Roles: Producer

Jerry Aronson’s films include the 1978 Academy Award-nominated film, The Divided Trail, which follows the lives of four Native Americans who lived in the urban heart of Chicago.  The film was soon broadcast on PBS in a special series, Matters of Life and Death, in 1980.  Jerry was also chosen to be a Directing Fellow at the American Film Institute in 1981.  He also directed a six-hour documentary miniseries which examines the evolution of an American musical form from its origins in Appalachia to its current preeminence as a billion-dollar industry.  America’s Music: The Roots of Country aired on TBS and TNT in 1996.

Jerry first completed The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg in 1993, when it had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival.  The film then won the prestigious International Documentary Association Award of Excellence, had a US theatrical run and has since been exhibited at over 250 international film festivals. The PBS series, American Masters aired the film in 1997. He then produced Chasing Ice, a feature documentary on climate change which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2012 and went on to a successful distribution including Theatrical, streaming on Netflix and a world-wide run on National Geographic Television.  It won an Emmy in 2014.

Festival Year: 2016


Learning to See

(US, 2016, 67min)