Alfredo Matavele

Matavele is Gorongosa National Park’s Conservation Pilot and Deputy Head of Law Enforcement. His team of rangers primarily oversees the security of the Park’s elephant population. Between 2013 and 2018, his sector helped usher in the recovery of the lion population, which before his interventions was struggling under the impact of the illegal bush-meat trade. Today, his sector, “Sector Chitengo”, includes the major elephant range, core lion and wild dog ranges, and the stunning rivers and floodplains that all visitors first encounter when they visit the Park. Matavele first came to Gorongosa as a ranger in 2011. He was promoted to Deputy Head of Law-Enforcement in 2017, and now oversees 300 rangers operating across 4,500 square-miles of the Gorongosa-Marromeu Ecosystem.