Seabird’s Story, A

Seabirds on the Hawaiian Islands face many threats to survival. Scientists rescue an orphaned seabird chick and fly him to safety. With support from wildlife rehabilitators, the scrappy chick gets […]

Mapping Migration

Where do Golden-winged and Cerulean Warblers go when they migrate? A collaboration between multiple universities is seeking to answer this question. Using light level geolocators, researchers are mapping the migration […]

Surviving the Wild

The domestic cat is often a beloved pet, but it’s also a major threat to birds and other wildlife. Every year in the United States, cats kill well over 1 […]

Birds of May

On the sandy beaches of the Delaware Bay, in New Jersey, a visitor arrives each May from the southernmost tip of South America. Name: Calidris canutus rufa. The rufa red […]