City on the Water

With 520-miles of waterfront and four-out-of-five boroughs islands, New York City is truly a water city. From Brooklyn’s Newtown Creek to Queens’ Flush Meadow, waterways once thought ruined forever by […]

Restoring the Clearwater

For nearly a year the historic sloop, Clearwater, was out of the water, on land, enduring what wooden boats have historically endured forever: Restoration. Onshore near the Hudson River Maritime […]


SoLa is a poignant look back at exactly how a gusher in the Louisiana Gulf was allowed to happen as a result of corruption and malfeasance, and an industry and […]

Hudson, The

The clean-up of the Hudson River over the past five decades is one of America’s great environmental success stories. One result is that New York’s Hudson Valley is home to […]

After the Spill

On Earth Day 2010, the oil rig Deepwater Horizon exploded, flooding the Gulf of Mexico with crude oil and devastating the coastline. Filmmaker Jon Bowermaster returns to the shores of […]

On the Edge: Antarctica 3D

Though big and remote, seemingly tough and foreboding, Antarctica can be a fragile place too. As the planet continues to change–and warm–Antarctica and its wildlife are changing too, and fast. […]

Dear President Obama

All across America, citizens suffer the manifold consequences of hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas, from the health threats of contamination to the false promise of prosperity. Dear President Obama, The […]