The fish he loves to catch are disappearing, so teenage fisherman Jack Nixon enlists the help of marine conservationist Sylvia Earle. Finding a solution becomes a years-long global quest to save a dying ocean. Explorers Brian Skerry and Max Kennedy join the battle on the high-seas killing fields amid industrial fishing fleets and rapidly melting ice of the Chukchi Sea. The science and wisdom of Harvard biologist Dr. E. O. Wilson, deep diving pioneer Dr. Richard Pyle, and Stanford’s Dr. Barbara Block inform the mission. Apollo 8 astronaut Major General William Anders and activist Bill McKibben provide relevant lessons of how humanity met past challenges. Sobered by a close examination of the daunting scale of the challenge, the teenagers find hope in nature’s ability to heal and the ways a previous generation of youth overcame the global test of World War II.


Post-screening discussion feat. Robert Nixon (Director) & Jack Nixon. Moderated by Brad Forder (Director of Programming, DCEFF).


Encore Screening: March 24

World At War

2019 US 87 min
Festival Year: 2019
Director: Robert Nixon
Types: Documentary, Feature, Free
Topic: Freshwater & Oceans