In the early 20th century, when rare birds such as heron and egrets are being hunted and killed illegally to supply the millinery industry with feathers, naturalist Walt Murdoch arrives in Florida to become a game warden in the Everglades. He soon finds himself pitted against Cottonmouth, the leader of a fierce group of bird poachers who are severely depleting the birds of the Everglades. This picturesque film was loosely based on the life and death of Guy Bradley, a federal wildlife ranger who was shot and killed in 1905 by plume hunters in the Everglades. Starring Christopher Plummer, Burl Ives and Gypsy Rose Lee. Directed by Nicholas Ray. Produced by Stuart Schulberg.

Wind Across the Everglades

1960 US 93 min
Festival Year: 2012
Types: Narrative
Topic: Environmental Advocacy and Justice, Global Perspectives, Sustainable Living