In a boom-bust uranium mining community in rural, southwestern Colorado, a heated battle is raging over a proposed new uranium mill – the first, if approved, to be built in the United States in more than 25 years. This latest film from Suzan Beraza, director of the award-winning 2010 film, Bag It, explores the controversy from both sides. While some residents question the issue of environmental destruction and health hazards associated with uranium mining and milling, most feel that having a job and providing for their families is more important, regardless of the potential risks. With authentic voices, the film’s characters tell personal stories about life and death in a mining town. And now, with the future of nuclear energy being questioned worldwide, there’s even more at stake. Directed by Suzan Beraza.

Uranium Drive-In

2013 US 70 min
Festival Year: 2014
Types: Documentary, Watch Now
Topic: Energy & Resources, Environmental Advocacy and Justice

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