Presented by the Reva and David Logan Foundation.

Sandra Steingraber, hailed by Rolling Stone magazine as a “toxic avenger” debates the gas industry, delivers fiery speeches, and marches alongside other protestors, often at great cost to her personal life and family’s well being. In December 2014, New York’s Governor announced a permanent ban on fracking. During this dramatic moment, Sandra tearfully listens to the announcement with other anti-fracking activists and hears government officials repeating her health-based arguments for a ban.

Introduction — Maryanne Culpepper (Executive Director, Environmental Film Festival)

Moderator — Steven Mufson (Washington Post Reporter)

Q&A — Chanda Chevannes (Director); Sandra Steingraber (Subject)


2017 CA 91 min
Festival Year: 2018
Types: Documentary, Feature, Q&A
Topic: Energy & Resources, Environmental Advocacy and Justice