An environmental justice (EJ) anthem created by KXNG Crooked and Moving Forward Network (MFN) member Dr. Bruce Strouble. This song focuses on the need to protect communities most burdened by the cumulative impacts caused by the freight transportation system. We must take action and center the voices of EJ communities impacted with a clear goal to eliminate pollution across the freight system. This song features the voices and illustrations of KXNG Crooked and MFN members: mark! Lopez (East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice), Dr. Bruce Strouble (Citizens for a Sustainable Future), Kim Gaddy (South Ward Environmental Alliance & Clean Water Action), Tolani Taylor (Clean Water Action), Brenda Soto (People’s Collective for Environmental Justice), Rayan Makarem (CleanAirNow), and Dr. Mildred McClain (Harambee House/Citizens for Environmental Justice). This song features a speech by mark! Lopez at the Goldman Environmental Prize Award Ceremony.

Their Pollution, Our Solution

2024 US 6 min
Festival Year: 2024
Types: Animation, Short, Watch Now
Topic: Environmental Advocacy and Justice

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