The unique Finnish forest and its colorful and diverse life are celebrated in this film for the entire family. The various inhabitants of the forest: the bears and the elk, the snakes and the owls, the ants, the frogs and the flying squirrels are the film’s main characters, along with the Siberian Jay, the Lapland Owl and many others. Their lives in the forest are illuminated through ancient tales and myths and with beautiful cinematography. It is a forest of a thousand tales and serves as an ever-changing backdrop for the activities of its inhabitants, transforming before our eyes as it follows its yearly cycle of life. Directed by Ville Suhonen and Kim Saarniluoto. Produced by Marko Röhr. 

Tale of a Forest: Metsan Tarina

2012 FI 72 min
Festival Year: 2013
Types: Documentary
Topic: Wildlife