The Swirl (El Remolino), is a creation documentary on outstanding characters stuck in the most flooded region in Mexico: Esther, the brave mother of three children; and Pedro, her farmer brother. Their lives oscillate between defending their ways of understanding gender identity and their role in the community; and their everyday rural lives that have become increasingly affected by flooding due to climate change. People of water and earth, they will guide us through their reflections and coexistence throughout a year in nature’s cycles.

Guiding the documentary’s cyclic narrative are Esther, whose hand-held camera is integrated into the narrative; and her brother Pedro, who represents the element of change and open-mindedness linked to his sexual identity. We follow them through their personal universes, uncovering their brave way of life and their visions on love, family, education and memory. Above all else, The Swirl is a tribute to the feminine identities that are configuring our contemporary world.

Directed by Laura Herrero Garvín.




The Swirl (El Remolino)

2016 MX 73 min
Festival Year: 2017
Types: Documentary
Topic: Freshwater & Oceans, Global Perspectives