GREEN ROOFS IN THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (USA, 2014, 5 min.) World Premiere Keith Anderson, Director of the District Department of the Environment, is an advocate of green, or vegetated, roofs to help contain rainwater and reduce the volume of storm water runoff. That’s because runoff collects oil and grease from roadways, nutrients from lawn fertilizers and bacteria from pet waste as it flows into our rivers and streams. Green roofs also filter air pollutants from the rainwater and save energy in buildings. Anderson explains why green roofs are especially effective in Washington, D.C., and what his Department is doing to encourage them. Directed by Sandy Cannon-Brown. Produced by Peter Ensign.

EARTHECHO EXPEDITION: WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE BUILD CITIES? (USA, 2013, 10 min.) Philippe Cousteau and the EarthEcho Expeditions team journey across the Anacostia River and underground in Washington, D.C., to explore the impact of urbanization on the water cycle. They visit the new sewer tunnels being constructed as part of D.C.’s Clean Rivers Project. Produced by EarthEcho International.

REBALANCING (USA, 2014, 23 min.) World Premiere Is Capital Bikeshare an environmental success story? Filmmaker Tim Cone, a Washington, D.C. resident, seeks to answer this question as he interviews the people who run Capital Bikeshare, as well as those who use, or don’t use, its bicycles. Shot in every Ward of Washington D.C., in Arlington and in Alexandria, the film addresses how bicycling both reflects and changes our lifestyles. Its title was inspired by continual “rebalancing” of bicycles to ensure that each Bikeshare station has both a supply of bikes and empty spaces for returning bikes. Directed by Tim Cone.

Sustainable DC

2014 US 90 min
Festival Year: 2014
Types: Short