Does a family make a house or does a house make a family? Times change. A once simple and sparse seaside town has become crowded and opulent. A family and its finances have fragmented and its two brothers and two sisters, their children and their extended family witness the disappearance of a century of family memories when they sell “Starboard Light,” their parents’ magically beautiful 160-year-old summer home on Cape Cod. How will they hold onto everything that this house has offered to the family? Whether it’s a small cabin deep in the woods, a primary residence that’s been handed down generation after generation or a waterfront summer getaway, there is a Starboard Light in many of our lives that we’ve struggled to keep or had to painfully let go. Vicariously through this American family, this film helps us all to immortalize the generations of memories and values and sense of place imbued in these shared family homes so that we may pass them on to our own children and grandchildren. Directed and produced by Nick Fitzhugh. 

Starboard Light

2013 US 76 min
Festival Year: 2013
Types: Narrative
Topic: Local, Sustainable Living